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Pork. The Other White Meat.
Pork's Lean Profile
Today's pork is lower in fat,
lower in calories and lower in cholesterol than ever before --
a result of new breeding and feeding techniques by pork producers.
Slim Story
According to USDA data,
pork has leaned down considerably over a 27 year period. An average loin cut in 1963 contained 76% of calories from fat. Today's lean pork shows the responsiveness:

1963 Loin, broiled, 3oz Fat: 29.6 grm. Calories: 351
1983 Loin, broiled, 3oz Fat: 11.7 grm. Calories: 202
1990 Loin, broiled, 3oz Fat: 6.9 grm. Calories: 165
Percent of reduction of fat & calories from 1963 to 1990:
Fat 77% Calories: 53%
Is pork high in cholesterol, as many people believe? The American Heart Association recommends that Americans limit cholesterol intake to less than 300 milligrams daily. A 3 oz. serving of roasted center loin pork contains only 66 milligrams of cholesterol -- just 22% of the recommended maximum!

Pork, center loin, roasted 66 mg.
Pork, tenderloin, roasted 67 mg.
Chicken breast, skinless, roasted 71 mg.
Chicken thigh, skin-on, roasted 78 mg.
Beef tenderloin, broiled 71 mg.
Tuna, light, in oil 52 mg.
Is pork high in sodium? No, Fresh pork, like other fresh meats, is naturally low in sodium. Cured pork products such as ham and bacon do have a higher sodium content than fresh pork cuts. However, these products are now cured with 50% less salt than 20 years ago. Today's cured pork products are preserved by refrigeration, not salt.
Pork: Breaking the Myths
Is pork high in calories, as many people believe? Today's average pork loin cuts off an average of fewer than 165 calories per three ounce serving.

  CALORIES per 3oz. serving
Pork, center loin, roasted
Pork, tenderloin, roasted
Chicken breast, skinless, roasted
Chicken thigh, skin-on, roasted
Beef tenderloin, broiled
Tuna, light, in oil
  Grams of FAT per 3oz. serving
Pork, center loin, roasted
Pork, tenderloin, roasted
Chicken breast, skinless, roasted
Chicken thigh, skin-on, roasted
Beef tenderloin, broiled
Tuna, light, in oil
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